Day 6, 11.05.04: Halovo -> Belgrade -> Ljubljana
After 4 days the itching flea bites told me to get back. We got up at 5.30 to reach the bus in Zajecar at 7.00 h. Four hours to Belgrade, 2,5 hours waiting for the train, 8,5 to reach Ljubljana = 17 hours.

Train schedule Ljubljana - Belgrade. (novala)

All the time I knew that there still was Jovanka wanted to ask me for. Some more than her begging words "Tell them Serbs are good people." Marry P.?

A bride for P.
"P. didn't get a working-visa", she sadly said while we were waiting for the train. "I would like to ask you for a favor ... Could you ask s.o. to marry him?"
"I don't know anybody where you live!"
"It doesn't matter if it's in Vienna. He can move there and I can come over on the weekends. It has to be - for the child, for the child. With me it's no problem. I will get a working-visa. But with P. it's hard. He is difficult. It's only for A."

My new sister
"You are Jovanka's sister now", Aunt Gina had said. My little sister. Three years younger, married for eleven years. She never had a second child because "it's hard enough to feed one".

One day it's you
"You always think it hits the others - you care about business, money and everything", a Serbian refugee from Mostar told me on my way back to Ljubljana, "but one day it's you."

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