Take a Breath, But Don't Take "O-Zone"
Part of my job is to open envelopes with a pleasant smile thinking: "Oh, wonderful, the record company sends me one of their awesome new releases!" I am really good at opening the envelopes, but fail at being pleased by the content 90 % of the times.

Romanian/Moldavian disco-sounds
Today I got "disc-O-zone" from "O-Zone". The only reason to mention this dreadful fact at all is because it's a band from Moldavia singing disco-sounds in Romanian. "Die No. 1 aus Rumänien, Spanien, Frankreich etc." it says on the cover. Are those the days of the new EU? Do we not only have to suffer from Spanish and English disco bum-bum, but also from Romanian now?

"Dragostea Din Tei" sure sounds cool. What about this: "Halo, salut, Sint eu, un haiduc, Si te rog, iubirea mea, Primeste fericirea"? It means s.th. like: "Hey you, here I am, your Robin Hood and asked you, my love, take the luck." I hope you can handle the chorus: "Mmmmmm".

Best selling album in RO 2002
According to the record company with "Disc-O-Zone" "O-Zone" proves that they are no "plastic project" from a can. "Disc-O-Zone" is said to have been the best selling album in Romania in 2002. I wonder why it took two years for "Disc-O-zone" to reach Austria and hope it doesn't take another two to leave the country again.

The only reason why I mention "O-Zone" is that I was positively surprised that a record company dares to release disco-songs in Romanian outside of RO.