EU-Enlargements: Fireworks for Romania and Bulgaria?
Quietly Romania and Bulgaria sneak into the European Union. There were negotiations, remember? But hardly any news on the progress. So the whole thing didn't reach public interest.

Discussions whether it's too early for those two countries to join ended with yes. Among other things corruption still is an issue.

According to an interview with Romanian president Traian Basescu" by Spiegel Online Romania is looking for skilled workers. "I assure you that in Romania there is so much work now that we are urgently looking for workers." What kind of work it doesn't say.

Street sign. (novala)
EU fork

What I was asking myself is: Do Serbs need a visa now to go to Romania and Bulgaria? My friends live in Halovo which is 500 meters away from the Bulgarian border. Although you are not allowed to cross the fields there, but need to use the official border-crossing in Zaječar, border traffic was going back and forth without any major hassle. (Except that you sometimes have to wait for 1,5 days to cross it.)

Do my friends now need a visa to go shopping in Vidin? Are they totally stuck now?

And will there be fireworks in the night of the EU-enlargement? Yes. Of course. But maybe not for Romania and Bulgaria.