Picturebook Skopje
Floods fell from the sky when we reached Skopje. The rain was actually the reason why we skipped Prizren that day. It would have meant walking around outside most of time. In the end Macedonia wasn't that much different and it cleared up in the afternoon.

Horse carriage. (novala)

Riding the waves

Rain puddles. (novala)

View over Skopje from the Turkish side.

View over Skopje. (novala)
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View over Skopje. (novala)
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According to wikipedia "The Millennium Cross situated on the peak of the mountain Vodno is a new tourist attraction. The cross should be finished in July 2007. At 66 meters high, it is one of the biggest crosses in the world and can be seen from 30 km away."

Cross. (novala)

The cross is facing the Turkish side. Reminds me of Mostar.

Cross at night. (novala)

The brigde to the Turkish part.

Bridge. (novala)

The old Turkish town

Old town. (novala)

Old town. (novala)

Internet Café.

Internet Café. (novala)

Flower power

Bench. (novala)

Street sign. (novala)

Ready for every weather.

Umbrellas on the market place. (novala)

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