Puszta-Pop and Langos: Novala goes EU in Hungary
At 23.39 h I crossed the border to Hungary at Klingenbach, found a parking-spot at 23.52 h and danced around Sopron at midnight. Puszta-Pop and langos: Impressions of the great night of the EU-enlargement.

Hungarian flag. (novala)

I had free tickets for the operetta "Die Fledermaus" by Johann Strauss. Wiener Volksoper. 3 hours and 15 minutes. Ok, it's over at 22.15 h, 5 minutes to get to the car, half an hour to get out of the city, another 45 minutes to get to Hungary. I could cross the border at approximately 23.30 h ...

In Klingenbach the Hungarian country sign with the twelve stars was already glowing in the lights of my car. I've never crossed a border that quickly before. The Austrian guy was talking to a photographer, the Hungarians to each other.

*?* (novala)

All in all the party wasn't spectacular. At least not for me. I wanted to hear emphatic and touching speeches, countdowns to midnight. I guess I heard them, but didn't understand. I had forgotten that I don't know a single word Hungarian. (Except Becs - Vienna) The countdown I got. That was about it.

Fireworks. (novala)

The night was warm and I decided to stay a little longer. The party at the market-place wasn't over. Some quite good puszta-pop on stage, people were dancing.

Sopron, Marketplace. (novala)

Sopron, Hauptplatz. (novala)
As well as in Koper, Slovenia, bilingual signs don't seem to be a problem.

Suddenly I noticed I knew one more Hungarian word: Langos. I saw all these people with langos in their hands and followed the crowds to the stand. 230, 250, 300, 400 Forint. But what for? I didn't have a clue what all these ööös meant. "Langos", I ordered my food, "Langos mit Soße und Käse" and swung my Forints.

Langos. (novala)
Langos mìt Sööößè üüüünd Kääääsé

Sopron, Inner City. (novala)
Sopron, Inner city

Some more dancing, some more impressions. Satisfied I went back to Vienna, Wien, Becs.

Wien, Becs. (novala)

As you know European reality quickly caught up with me at the Austrian border on my way home. I was in bed at 3 in the morning.