Freitag, 28. September 2007
Geneva: Does (Flag) Size Really Matter?
Geneva and flags. (novala)

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Mittwoch, 26. September 2007
Novala goes UN Youth Forum
Not because I am so young, but due to a project I am remotely involved in I am currently attending the UN Global Forum on Youth and ICT for Development in Geneva.

Sign. (novala)

It's all about creating job opportunities and improving youth's living conditions with information and communication technologies. A large topic. I am amazed at the amount of fascinating projects all over the world.

And I finally had the opportunity to play with the Intel Classmate laptop. (Not me in the pic.)

Classmate PC. (novala)

15-year old Roger here came all the way from Maryland to show how this 200 Dollar laptop works. When you use the pen to write on a paper, it transcribes your movements to the computer. Cool stuff. I want one.

Roger presents the Classmate PC. (novala)

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Freitag, 18. November 2005
Zürich: Swiss Parking lot
Pray that the front numbers never lose their car keys.

Parking lot. (novala)

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Donnerstag, 17. November 2005
The Swiss and Their Cows
Geneva. I always knew the Swiss love their cows, I mean, they polish them, definitely, since they have the shiniest cows in the whole wide world. But: Do they really have to paint them? And hang the poor animals upside down?

Painted cows in Geneva. (novala)

Painted cows in Geneva. (novala)

Painted cows in Geneva. (novala)

Painted cows in Geneva. (novala)

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Mittwoch, 16. November 2005
Lac Leman: Life At The Lake
Lac Leman. (novala)
The lake at the Vevey/Montreux-side. Click to see full panorama: lacleman_gr (jpg, 81 KB)

I have seen Lake Geneva in every season and it's always beautiful. Cities with water are more enjoyable than those without. And when you have got time - the most precious goodie you can get - and drive along that lake on a sunny day in fall, it makes you fly for a while.

Buhne. (novala)

Girls watch boat coming in. (novala)

Le Mont Blanc. (novala)
Le Mont Blanc - the white mountain

Reaching the port of Nyon
Swiss flag. (novala)

News at the lake
Reading a newspaper. (novala)

Leaf in the water. (novala)

Family. (novala)

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Dienstag, 15. November 2005
Lake Geneva: Route du lac
Travelling on your own means it's you who sets the pace. You can take as many detours as you like. The result was that it took me seven hours to get from Geneva to Zurich. Which you can do in 2. If necessary. But if you have got time take the Route du Lac, the panorama street along Lake Geneva, on sunny days in fall.

Save the blue sky, the warmth and the golden leaves to get over dull viennese winters.

Lac Leman. (novala)
Click to see full panorama: lacleman_gr1 (jpg, 73 KB)

Castle. (novala)

Street. (novala)

Three Ladies in Nyon. (novala)

Lausanne. (novala)

I didn't spend too much time in Lausanne due to the fact that I ran at least over two red traffic lights and who knows what else. Traffic lights turn red too quickly for my reaction time. Or let's say, the time the lights are orange is too short. In Austria the green light flashes four times, before it turns orange for a short time and then red. In Germany it doesn't flash, but turns orange for the time it flashes in Austria. I always hit the breaks in Germany like an idiot, because I am not used to that anymore. In Switzerland I don't make it at all. But I didn't go more than 120.

Street to Vevey
Seestraße. (novala)

Vevey. (novala)

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Montag, 14. November 2005
Café Viennois
Not everything that is labelled "Viennese" actually has anything to do with the Viennese way of doing things. To find out what Geneva considers to be a "Viennese Cafe" I ordered one. "Holy doodle", I said when the "Café Viennois" arrived and made the waitress say "Mais vous avez voulez Café Viennois!". I knew that and am taking double fitness classes ever since.

Café Viennois. (novala)
The cup was half-full with epresso, the rest was whipped cream. On the picture the mountain had already collapsed.

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Geneva From Above
Le Salève offers you a good and easy to reach opportunity to get an overview of Geneva. The peak is in France.

The fountain in Geneva. (novala)

Geneva. (novala)
genf_pan (jpg, 204 KB)

It seems to be an excellent rock for free-climbing [French] and paragliding [French]. From Geneva you can take the Téléphérique.

You can also take a car.
Car. (novala)

They have got a webcam up there.

Another good viewpoint is near Cenex.

Lake Geneva. (novala)
Click to enlarge: lakegeneva_gr (jpg, 124 KB)

Le Salève [French]

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Donnerstag, 24. März 2005
Fly Europe: It's Really Safe ...
Most ridiculous are the so-called security-checks at European airports. I have to fly quite a bit and I never ever got asked to take my belt off before I passed the beep-gate. In Zurich today on my way back from Geneva I had to.

Alpen. (novala)
The Alps in Switzerland
Click to see panorama pic: alpen_pan (jpg, 56 KB)

I stared at the guy and asked him why no other airport does that and why I am cruising through Europe and this is the first airport control where they want me to do that. The answer I didn't understand.

But since a couple of years I am wondering why no "security"-person at all the airports has ever noticed the pocket-knife in my hand-luggage.

Zürich. (novala)
Near Zürich

Maybe it's because they all work like the security guys in Frankfurt: The scanned my luggage, but when nobody looks at the screen the whole thing is pretty useless, isn't it.

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The main difference between Geneva International Airport and Hanover Airport is that from Geneva you can't fly to Simferopol and Chelyabinsk.

Planes. (novala)
Zürich Airport

I hate airports, I hate hanging around in ugly waiting areas, I hate kids kicking my seat and screaming entire flights, I hate travelling without a credit card and I hate being in a really bad mood.

And I haven't mentioned yet that I also had to hang around in Zurich where you can get into plans with captains whose parents were so funny to name their son Urs Bär. Which in English means Bear Bear.

But Urs is a good guy, he got me home to Vienna.

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