Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011
Na endlich: Mladic verhaftet
Der seit Jahren wegen Völkermordes und anderer Kriegsverbrechen in Bosnien-Herzegowina gesuchte einstige Militärchef der bosnischen Serben, Ratko Mladic, ist in Serbien festgenommen worden. Der serbische Präsident Boris Tadic bestätigte Donnerstagmittag eine Meldung des Belgrader Senders B92. [Quelle:]

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Mittwoch, 30. September 2009
Das Ende von .yu
"Jugoslawien, ein Staat, der seit sechs Jahren nicht mehr existiert, zählt nun auch im Internet seine letzten Tage. Entsprechend einem zwei Jahre zurückliegenden Beschluss der für die Verwaltung von Internet-Adressen zuständigen Behörde ICANN wird die Domäne .yu für Jugoslawien ab 1. Oktober mit den Adressen .rs für Serbien und .me für Montenegro abgeändert werden." [Quelle:]

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Freitag, 22. Februar 2008
Travel Plans Temporarily Cancelled
Seems I can skip going to Serbia for a while :-(

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Freitag, 5. Oktober 2007
Info Needed: Entering Kosovo by Car
I am off to Kosovo at the end of the month.
Apparently the normal green card is not valid in Kosovo and you have to buy one at the border. Does anyone have information on how much it is?

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Mittwoch, 28. Februar 2007
Serbia in EU: The Winner is ... Austria
Who would benefit from Serbia joining the EU (or at least getting closer to the union)?

"Austria", former Serbian Foreign Minister Goran Svilanović said last night during the discussion "Janus Serbia - An evaluation of the situation seven years after Milošević's subversion", "Austria would benefit the most."

Austria strongest investor in SRB
According to Svilanović Austria is the strongest business investor in Serbia. (Slovenia is second) While Austrian Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik and "politicians and business people in general" would welcome Serbia's convergence towards the EU, a consensus among the Austrian people would probably show the opposite. But they were those benefitting the most.

News items must change
Apart from that Svilanović explained that there is hardly any hope for economic success in Serbia, until major issues like Kosovo and war criminals are out of the focus and people start talking about else - like economic growth. He mentioned that it's pretty much impossible to make into the news with anything else.

Serbian self-perception
According to Svilanović a couple of neighbors like Macedonia, Romania and Bulgaria lead by example how to get their economy going again. Since Serbia used to be ahead of them before the war (and from what friends of mine expressed, regarded the neighbors as a bit behind) still hasn't caught up with reality. Which lead to obstructing business with foreign investors who, since they wanted to invest in, did so in - Bulgaria and Romania.

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Montag, 20. November 2006
Na Eks!
Label Na Eks. (novala)

I don't really want to get into clichees about Serbia, but ... Maybe I am wrong and the lemonade label "Na Eks" doesn't have anything to do with a certain expression concerning alcoholic beverages, but if it doesn't - why is it this came to my mind. :-)

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Montag, 13. November 2006
My Own Private Халово
"Why the Balkans? What makes you go there?" is a question I often have to answer. "Why do you come here?" was new to me.

Village sign Halovo. (novala)

I not only got asked once, but several times during this last stay in Halovo/Халово. It made me wonder. In the beginning I didn't quite know why so many people posed this question. "When your parents ask you about Serbia - what are you telling them?" To be honest, they hardly ever ask. Few people do.

"So, what do you like about Serbia?"

View over Halovo. (novala)
Click to see entire panorama picture: halovo_xl_2 (jpg, 106 KB)

"Original German?", a bunch of people were surprised, implying a "here?".

Slowly we came closer to the reason of the questions.
"Ti si drugačna", P. said out of the blue, "you are different".
*?* "Different from what, P.?"
"You have been to the big school (= high school, university), but you behave like one of us. You talk like we do, you dress like we do, you eat what we eat, ti si 'normalna' ... you must have Slavic genes!"

View over Halovo. (novala)

Johanna, who works in Austria and whom we met in front of her beautiful new house, added: "You don't treat us snotilly like a lot of other Germans and Austrians do. You are not stuck-up."

Is that a compliment? It was meant to be one, but isn't it sad that it is an exception when you treat Serbs (and other people in general) with respect, when you don't count nationality/religious beliefs/skin color/gender as values, but as each of us has no matter if we want it or not? Why should I not behave "normally" among my friends? My university degree for sure does not make me a better person.

Vice versa I enjoy being treated "normally" without any prejudices as well.

Tree. (novala)

So why do I come to Halovo? To see my friends? To broaden my horizon? To enjoy the beautiful landscape? To give myself a reality check? To collect new stories? All of it.

Fields. (novala)

For those Halovonians who have already tracked me down here - you are worth every single one of those 870 kilometers.

Village sign Halovo. (novala)

What's your Halovo?

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Samstag, 11. November 2006
Ć and Č
I finally understood the difference in pronunciation between Ć and Č. Was about time. Thanks Serbian School.

It's not that I can actually hear it when my friends try to explain it to me, but at least I now know what it is.

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Balkan Baroque
There is a certain architectural style very typical for the Balkans. Due to it's opulent shapes I call it Balkan Baroque.

This is the beginning of the collection. More will probably follow over the years.

Balkan Baroque. (novala)

Balkan Baroque. (novala)

See the "lady" in the background.

Balkan Baroque. (novala)

Balkan Baroque. (novala)

Here a musician decorated the walls with two accordions.

Balkan Baroque. (novala)

There are more impressive buildings out there, but I couldn't always take photos. If any of you wants to add to this collection, send me your picture.

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Freitag, 10. November 2006
Vintage Vehicles
In Serbia the hearts of vintage vehicle fans jump and break at the same time. You find a lot of really old cars there, but they are in a very bad shape.

Old car. (novala)

P.'s old Yugo gave up after 24 years and now rests in peace in the pig's paddock where the chicks try to engage it in conversations.

Some guy dropped by while I was there and wanted to buy (this I didn't quite catch) old metal. There is plenty everywhere.

Old cars. (novala)

In one of the storage rooms Aleksandar uses pieces of an old motorbike to built into his "motor". He is not allowed to ride it for another two years because he is not old enough for the license. But the verbal warning system in Halovo works well. You know when Policija is around. Especially when they park right in front of your house.

Motorbike. (novala)

Once Jovan wanted to ride the tractor just around the corner, but the registration (or something similar) was missing. So he asked police, whether they would let him pass. "We'll be gone in half an hour ...", they answered.

Citroen Diane. (novala)

This old friend I met on my way to Paraćin. Haven't seen one of those in a while. Used to be our family car and with the Citroen 2CV probably the cheapest convertible ever.

Citroen DS. (novala)

The DS - the goddess.

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