Donnerstag, 15. November 2007
International Skopje
All over Skopje you find street signs in Macedonian and English and latin writing. What's a big - or rather no - deal in Belgrade, seems normal in Skopje.

Street signs. (novala)

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Mittwoch, 14. November 2007
No Need to Starve in Macedonia
Food galore in the the supermarkets in Skopje.
I always find it interesting to see what's available and different in supermarkets all over the world. Lots of meat and cheese in Macedonia.

In a supermarket. (novala)

In a supermarket. (novala)

Especially impressive the 1,5 liter bottles of beer. I've never seen them that size before.

Skopje beer. (novala)

As in Serbia the Macedonians transcribe foreign names and titles. Harry Potter:

Books. (novala)

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Dienstag, 13. November 2007
Picturebook Skopje
Floods fell from the sky when we reached Skopje. The rain was actually the reason why we skipped Prizren that day. It would have meant walking around outside most of time. In the end Macedonia wasn't that much different and it cleared up in the afternoon.

Horse carriage. (novala)

Riding the waves

Rain puddles. (novala)

View over Skopje from the Turkish side.

View over Skopje. (novala)
Click to see panorama pic: skopje_xl1 (jpg, 84 KB)

View over Skopje. (novala)
Click to see panorama pic: skopje_xl2 (jpg, 108 KB)

According to wikipedia "The Millennium Cross situated on the peak of the mountain Vodno is a new tourist attraction. The cross should be finished in July 2007. At 66 meters high, it is one of the biggest crosses in the world and can be seen from 30 km away."

Cross. (novala)

The cross is facing the Turkish side. Reminds me of Mostar.

Cross at night. (novala)

The brigde to the Turkish part.

Bridge. (novala)

The old Turkish town

Old town. (novala)

Old town. (novala)

Internet Café.

Internet Café. (novala)

Flower power

Bench. (novala)

Street sign. (novala)

Ready for every weather.

Umbrellas on the market place. (novala)

More pics in Mr. Moeller's blog

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Montag, 12. November 2007
Toše Proeski Memorial
A couple of weeks ago 26-year old singer Toše Proeski died in a car accident in Croatia. He was not only a macedonian hero, but an idol all over former Yugoslavia. In Skopje a square meters of wax witness the carpet of candles lit for the popstar.

Mourning for Tose Proeski. (novala)

Mourning for Tose Proeski. (novala)

Beyond Sarajevo about Toše Proeski's death

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Sonntag, 11. November 2007
The Clock and the Train station Skopje
"I want to see the clock", I announced my greatest desire when being in Skopje.
"The what?"
"Well, THE clock!"

In 1963 an earthquake flattened Skopje. The clock at the old train station stopped exactly that minute. The others had never heard of it. I wanted to see it, so we went to look for it.

New train station Skopje. (novala)

Želesnička stanica - train station. We were literally on the right track. At least we thought we were. Clocks and clueless people we saw many, but not the clock we wanted.

Men in the train station Skopje. (novala)
<br />

Men in the train station Skopje. (novala)

Men in the train station Skopje. (novala)

Men in the train station Skopje. (novala)

So we asked at the police station. Got funny looks and answer. "You need to go to the old train station. This is the new one."

Train station Skopje. (novala)
Click to see panorama platform: skopje_bhf_xl (jpg, 88 KB)

And here it is: the clock. In town. At the old train station. Which today is a musej, a museum.

Old train station Skopje. (novala)

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